MATTS Riders:   Please join us this Sunday in Winfield, IL for the MATTS first event of the 2020 season: ABD Indoor #1.  For 2020, ABD will host three (3) indoor events in Winfield and the now infamous John Fraser Finale in Maple Park, IL on April 05.  Registration is open for all ABD Series Events at    Please stay tuned to the MATTS website over the next month, as the MATTS Series adds events and registration information for all outdoor events for the 2020 season.-Train Hard!




MATTS Riders:   Registration for the 2019 ABD Indoor Time Trial Series and JFM TT are now open.  Please join us for these excellent events.  The Series is solidifying the 2019 outdoor schedule.  Please stay tuned to the website for updates and registration information for 2019 outdoor events.  -Train Hard



MATTS Riders:   The ABR Illinois State TT is on!!!  The State Championship has been rescheduled for Saturday July 28th in Paw Paw, IL.  Registration information coming soon.  



MATTS Riders:  Due to scheduling issues, the Paw Paw State Time Trial Championship this weekend has been postponed.  In speaking with Bob Lundberg this week who is the ABR Director of Sanctioning, he noted that the event will be re-scheduled during the first week in July or later in July.  MATTS will post to the website immediately the new date once we know something definite.  Should you have questions about the event, please feel free to contact the website, and your questions will be answered.  Thank you for your patience.  -Doug Peterson, Volunteer Web Master and Coordinator of Events.  


January 14th 2018

MATTS Riders:  The 2018 MATTS Schedule has been set.  We have 20 events on the schedule for the 2018 Season.  Flyer and registration information will be posting to the site over the next few months.  We hope you join us today in Winfield for the first event on our 2018 calendar-ABD Indoor Series #1.


December 26th  2017 

MATTS Riders:  Our 2018 schedule is starting to take shape.  In coversations with Bob Lundberg, the series has 14 confirmed events for 2018 that reflect the schedule so far.  We will continue to add events such as: Harvard, Bong, Paw Paw, and Kirke Vei to the schedule through the beginning of the year as Bob receives confirmations from MATTS race promoters concerning their events.  We hope to see many of you out at the ABD Indoor Series starting Jan 14th.  Should you have questions about the schedule, please feel free to e-mail Bob at:




August 28th 2017

The ABD Fall Fling Time Trial will be part of the series this year. If you are going to do the time trial only and not the entire series, please sign up for this event through Truesport.  There will be a seperate table for MATTS riders to sign up for the event.  Doug Peterson, the MATTS Volunteer Coordinator will be at the event to check you in.  Good Luck.  



June 28th 2017

MATTS Riders:  Herscher 2-Person TTT registration is now open here


June 26th 2017

MATTS Riders:  The Herscher 2-Person TTT is slated to run.  Bob Lundberg contacted the series today to inform MATTS that flyer and on-line registration information should be up shortly.  



May 9th 2017

MATTS Riders:  On-line registration opened for Harvard 33.3k, Single Bong 20k, Double Bong 40k this evening.  Kirke Vei 20k and Dr. Craig Schultz 40k opened registration this week.  See you at the races. 


May 7th 2017

MATTS Riders:  Single Bong 20k has been moved to June 11th, and the Harvard TT is scheduled for next weekend May 14th.   Registration should be up for the Harvard event soon. Please contact Bob Lundberg at with any questions concerning this event. Some changes to the schedule were in order, so that we could keep Harvard and Single Bong on the schedule this year.  Thank you for your patience, and your continued support of MATTS. See you at the races!!! -Doug Peterson, MATTS Volunteer Coordinator of Events



May 1st 2017

MATTS Riders:  The series was contacted by Bob Lundberg today who reported that the WBR Single Bong 20k TT slated for this Sunday 5/7 has been postponed.  According to Bob, the Single Bong TT is slated to run in June.  Bob asked that riders stay tuned to MATTS, ABR, and WBR websites for updates.  Riders with questions concerning this event are encouraged to contact Carl Wilkins, the race promoter at:   We do apologize and will post race flyers for WBR events as soon as we receive them from Bob L.  -Doug Peterson, MATTS Volunteer Coordinator of Events


April 28th 2017

MATTS Riders:   The WBR Single Bong Event on May 7th is slated to run.  Please contact Carl Wilkins, the race promoter with any questions concerning this event at: We do apologize and hope to have race information up in a few days, so you can register for this event and other WBR popular events very soon.


December 29th 2016

MATTS Riders!  Please join us for the ABD Indoor TT Series starting on January 8th and capping off with the first outdoor event of the season on April 2nd.  This is a excellent, well run and well attended series that will keep your competitve fire burning throughout the doldrums of the winter here in the midwest.  Registration is open for all five events on   Riders planning on doing all five events are encouraged to sign up for the Five Pack Pass which offers nice savings.  Five Pack Pass Registration here  thru Jan 5th.  


Also, the MATTS 2017 Tentative Outdoor Schedule is out.  We are pleased to annouce that it appears all 21 events will be back for the 2017 season.  Riders can register for the first outdoor MATTS event event on April 2nd now  Registration will begin to open for many of our outdoor events beginning March 1st if not earlier.  Stay tuned to the MATTS website for updates.  We wish you and your families the very best in the coming new year.      


May 1,2016

WBR Single Bong is on this wekend May 8th!  Please see the MATTS schedule for flyer and registration details.  With the many events MATTS puts on, once in a very blue moon there is a logistical hold up due to getting permission from a local entity.  We are happy that WBR is cleared to roll and this popular event will run this wekeend.  Thank you all MATTS Riders for your patience.  Please contact Carl Wilkins at for any questions you have about this event.


April 17, 2016

We could not have better weather for the Cherry Valley Time Trial today.  We are hoping for an excellent event.  Update on WBR Bong and Harvard events:  They are going to be held. We hope to have flyer and registration information from the race promoter posted very soon. Please continue to check the website for updates.  Lastly, MATTS Overall Points have been updated as of 4/17/2016.


April 7, 2016  


Please join us for the first MATTS outdoor event of the year.  For the past many years, the ABD John Fraser Memorial 10 Mile Time Trial has been synonymous with the start of the outdoor racing season in the Chicagoland area.  The course is fast and flat and good times are had by all who race this excellent event.  We hope to see you there!



December 14, 2015

MATTS Riders:  On-line Registration is now open on for events through the end of April.  With 21 MATTS events slated for the 2016 year, we are currently working with our race directors to post their on-line registrations on as soon as we can.   We expect on-line registration to open for many events next month.   The first MATTS event is the ABD Indoor event on January 10th.  We hope to see many of you there for the MATTS 2016 kick off for our best season yet!  MATTS wishes you, your families and friends a very Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!




Thank you MATTS Riders, Sponsors, Promoters, Officials, Volunteers, Kay Stearn (MATTS Pointer), and Teams for making 2016 a memorable season.  After a small break in the action, we hope to see you at the ABD Indoor in January to kick off the 2016 season.





Riders: please join us for the WIIL 2015 Awards Banquet on Satruday November 14th at 5:00 p.m. to celebrate your 2015 accomplishments with family, friends and teammates in a great atmosphere.  We are excited to hold this year's banquet venue in a new location at Rolling Green Country Club in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Dress: Business causal attire.  Please see more information here    Rider points will be updated after the last event.  Please check to see that you points are correct by Oct. 15 to give the series enough time to order nice awards. 


MATTS Riders:  The 4 Person Team Time Trial Championship is on 9/12 in Garden Prairie, IL.  Please see flyer on the site.  Thank you for your patience.


MATTS Riders:  There has been a venue change in the schedule for the Finale.  The MATTS Finale will be held in Harvard on 9/05 staging in Milky Way Park.  Please see registration and flyer information on the site for further details.  Also, MATTS has heard from ABR that the Four Person will be held on September 12 or 13th.  Bob Lundberg, the ABR Director, is solidifying a new course location in either Garden Prairie or Harvard due to issues with the course in Kankakee.  Stay tuned for more updates.


On-line registration is now open for the majority of all 2015 MATTS events on   We hope to have registration open for all of our events as soon as possible.  With one indoor event to go this weekend, our indoor season has been a phenomenal success with the ABD Cycling Club leading the charge.  Only one month til the start of  the 2015 outdoor season with the John Fraser Memorial 10 mile TT in Maple Park, IL kicking things off.   Hope to see you there! 


MATTS Riders, please join us for our first event of the season in Winfield on January 11th.  We do plan to hold a full slate of events in 2015.  We will have outdoor event dates and flyers made available starting this month. We should have all dates for our outdoor events posted by early February.  Please check back for updates to the schedule.


Welcome MATTS Riders!  Please join us on Sunday January 11th for the first event of the 2015 season put on by the ABD Cycling Club.  Also, please check back over the next month for updates to the MATTS website cocerning scheduling, rules, on-line registation, and updated event flyers for all pending 2015 events.  It appears that all of our 2014 events will be back again for 2015.  We are looking forward to our best season yet!  Happy Holidays to you and yours  -MATTS








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