The only way to discover your individual strength and efficiency on a bike is by doing time trials. MATTS offers riders of all skill levels, beginners and triathletes the opportunity to test their stamina every 2 weeks during the season.


MATTS is part of the WIIL Racing Association:  



MATTS Registration

MATTS 2017 Overall Purse: $5000 In Prizes!


Register for MATTS events at: www.TrueSport.com

MATTS Riders:  Bob Lundberg has been in contact with WBR and it appears Single Bong and Harvard are on.  


We apologize for this issue in scheduling, and we will post on-line registration for these events as they become available, hopefully in the next day or so.  In the meantime, for questions pertaining to registration for these events, please contact Carl Wilkins at:  cewbike@tds.net.  Thank you.



MATTS Upcoming Events

WBR Single Bong 20k  Apr 29

WBR Havard 33.3K      May 13

Stray Kats 20k              May 22







For inquiries, contact us at:  info@midamericatimetrialseries.com