The only way to discover your individual strength and efficiency on a bike is by doing time trials. MATTS offers riders of all skill levels, beginners and triathletes the opportunity to test their stamina every 2 weeks during the season.


MATTS is part of the WIIL Racing Association:  



MATTS Registration

MATTS 2017 Overall Purse: $5000 In Prizes!


Register for MATTS events at: www.TrueSport.com


2-Person TTT Race info




MATTS Upcoming Events

Brain Akers 19k        Aug 5

Double Bong 40K     Aug 20

Cherry Valley II 20k  Aug 27

Bryce Master 30k     Sep 02

ABR 4-Person TTT  Sep 09





For inquiries, contact us at:  info@midamericatimetrialseries.com